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Complete Business Solutions Company is founded in 1996. One of its main activities is the advocacy of companies and individuals.

Many companies including foreign ones profited by the juridical services rendered to them owing to the high level of professionalism of our Chief Manager and our Specialists.

Complete Business Solutions Company specializes in the following juridical services:

  • Legal consultations on Civil Code, Labor Code, Corporative Code, Tax Code etc. Consultations on real estate transactions registration, legacy, pre-court disputes, disputes in court, citizenship obtainment.
  • Company registration and liquidation, including amendment of registration documents (Charter etc), company reorganization. Preparation of registration documents, holding meetings of shareholders;
  • Drawing up all kinds of contracts, protocols of discrepancies and adjustments. Help in contraction (marriage contracts). Legal expertise of transactions, the validity of transactions, negative consequence minimization;
  • Complete juridical services provided on subscription basis required for business activity. Services of private (family)advocate;
  • Help in pre-court disputes settlement, preparation of claims and replications, negotiations, preparation of documents for law court sessions;
  • Preparation for law court sessions, arbitration and sessions in justice courts;
  • Assistance in obtaining temporary residence permissions, residence cards, Russian citizenship;
  • Assistance in registration of real estate transactions and titles to the real estate. Taxation and its minimization;
  • Legal help in car accidents. Representation of your interests in state authorities (state inspection on traffic safety) and insurance companies, appellation of ad hockery of administrative authorities;
  • Other services connected with advocacy of companies and individuals.

Our prices are lucrative both for companies and individuals. If you get unprofessional juridical help you risk paying much more money as the illiterate juridical text can lead to prosecution of the third party. Kindly find here our price list

You can learn more about our legal services, ask your question and receive the first free of charge consultation as well as read our articles and answers to our visitors questions. We will be glad to help you in solving your problems.

Temporary residence permit.

Temporary residence permit is valid for three years and can be prolongated afterwards.

Advantages of temporary residence permit:

  • it is easier to get visa
  • you have the right to work in the region of Russia where you have obtained the temporary residence permit
  • you can stay in Russia for three years not one year as per visa

There are two ways of obtaining temporary residence permit: without quota and under quota.

You can obtain temporary residence permit without quota if:

  • you are married to the Russian citizen
  • you were born in Russia
  • you have children who are Russian citizens
  • you have parents who are Russian citizens and pensioners

The rest foreigners can obtain temporary residence permit only under quota which is determined annually by the Russian government.

The price:

  • without quota — appr USD 1500
  • under quota — appr USD 4500

The terms: appr 4-6 months

Residence permit

You can obtain residence permit if you stayed in Russia for one year under temporary residence permit. Residence permit is valid for five years and can be prolongated afterwards.

Advantages of residence permit:

  • you can enter Russia without visa
  • you have the right to work anywhere in Russia
  • you can stay in Russia for five years

The price: appr USD 1500

The terms: appr 4-6 months

Russian citizenship

You can obtain Russian citizenship if you received residence permit.

Advantages of Russian citizenship:
— you have all civil right if the Russian citizen

The price: appr USD 1500

The terms: appr 6-12 months


Consultations Consultation 10
Written Consultation (legal expertise) 15
Registration & Liquidation of company Preparation of documents required for company registration 150
Registration of Ltd Company(all included, except legal address of the company) 300
Registration of Joint Stock Company (all included, except legal address of the company and duty for stock registration) 400
Amendment of registration documents of the company (all included, except legal address of the company and duty for stock registration) 200
Foundation of affiliates and branches of the company 100
Company Reorganization (merger, acquisition, separation, split-off, etc) 400
Registration of Individual Entrepreneur 150
Company Liquidation by own means 500
Company Liquidation on Court Judgement 1000
Contract Contract, Agreement or Protocol Draw up 50
Legal Service Leal Services for Companies on Subscription Basis 300
Family Advocate 150
Legal Services in Court Affairs Draw up of Claims or Replies 30
Draw up of Counter Claims 30
Draw up of other documents for court affairs 30
Pre-Court Action 100
Trial Court Action 300
Supreme Court Action 300
Assistance in Diligence 200
Assistance in Car Crashes Advocacy in Traffic Inspection Authorities or in Insurance Companies 100
Transaction Registration Registration of Transactions with the Real Estate 300
Russian Federation Citizenship Assistance in getting Russian Federation Citizenship, Permission for Residence in Russia 1000
Taxes and Other Legal Advice Upon request Upon request

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